Thursday, October 12, 2006

1971 and all that: blast from the past 3

Well I'm sure no-one will have any problems with identifying this show ( the clue is in the song) and there is lots more info here.

Thanks to her and him for the inspiration. When you've finished expelling wet Alsation, Ally, I think it may be your turn.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Tories attempt to Hijack blogosphere

Having just been subjected to a tortuous piece on blogging on The Daily Politics Conference Special which seemed to involve talking to a lot of people who had heard of a weblog and one woman who had even "tried it once", oh and Iain Dale, naturally, I thought I would ponder the rise of the political blog in this country.

Then I thought that that would be equally tortuous and I would just say this. As a card carrying member of the Labour Party and possibly even a member of "renewed "New" Labour", or for that matter as a menber of any political party, I owuld prefer that they spent my money on proper policies and public meetings than more marketing shortcuts and guff.

Blogging is not a way to sell things or ideas to people, it's an invitation to a conversation. At least that's what I think. Anyone care to comment?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Say hi ....

.... to Jemima.
According to the blurb on Adtrader she is 16 weeks old. She seems to have a bit of everything in her but certainly a large bit of siamese. What they neglected to mention was that she had been mistreated and was VERY timid. She has spent the entire preceeding 24 hours under our sofa but seems to be coming around a little now.