Saturday, May 14, 2011

Windmills of your mind

Another funny couple of weeks.

John had another stroke but things are finally looking a bit more settled in terms of health related benefits. I apparently have no more battles awaiting me for which I am grateful

On the housing front, we came home from holiday to find the paperwork we had been waiting for all winter had arrived and although it meant yet another form to fill in (one that I have already done as well) the news looks quite good and according to the woman I spoke to on Wednesday, one of the new houses on the first phase isn't out of the question and if we are able to get one we may even be able to choose our own kitchen and other fittings - how fab.

The important issue is that these houses can be adapted - there is already the reinforcement in place to fit a lift, or a stair-lift and the tracking for hoists have been designed in. So hopefully even if another stroke happens we wouldn't have to move again. We really would like now to put down some roots.

Lachlan and I have just walked back from Homebase at Beacon Park and taken a twirl around the sad houses, empty and boarded up, on Woodhey Road. The demolition has barely started but in a year it could be our new home - wherever we are, we'll be together.