Monday, December 18, 2006

A Little Sheepish

... Yes, Harry Potter in sheep's clothing is LTB making his first stage appearance. Hoping he brings some light into the darker days of the year.
Need to get my bloglegs back on; I'm feeling a little rusty. The holidays are here though so maybe some time to enjoy the leisure of writing.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy Christmas and welcome to the haggis....

...hunting season here.

Many, many apologies to all my blog friends concerned that something even worse had befallen me. Generally speaking, I have been simply too busy.

In an attempt to summarise and allay any further fears:

I had a caravanning holiday;I am very busy in my current two jobs;

I have another two jobs; three if you count the Money Programme inspired foray into the world of Avon (oh and I'm now a parent governor again);

I have been to London with Surrealo Son on a course called Informed and Influential for "young people". He had a fantastic time, was interviewed by the local rag and I spent the day at the V&A;

There was another dogbite incident requiring hospital treatment and consequential putting down of old friend;

Subsequent interest from School;

Nativity and School Fayre and lots of meetings;

Not a stroke in sight.

Oh and a fight with an american woman over ebay but apart from that nothing much on.

To all my very good and faithful friends, sorry for worrying you: I'm a very lax and bad blogger.