Monday, May 28, 2007

Good-bye to all that

Well we've only been here, in Urine Towers, for the past two years seven months and three days but if you all keep your fingers crossed really tightly we may indeed be on the move to Urban Decay Grove.

As you can see from the little picture on the right it has a pleasantly sized garden and the little crescent is tree-lined.

Of course not much has happened in the intervening three years. We arrived here in such traumatic circumstances and the trauma seemed to lurch from bad to worse. In spite of it all Surrealo Son and Arty Daughter are blooming in to wonderful young people and two year old genius is now four and knows everything there is to know about Harry Potter.

It won't miss anything at all about this dank little dive. I won't miss the humiliation of having things delivered and the delivery person snearing, or not being delivered and the delivery person and the company snearing.

We are not going to miss the "Slugs". They haven't featured much because what I took at first as a rum eccentricty actually turned out to be something a little more sinister. I thought it wise not to report on the majority of activities from below but one is a matter of public record. Save to say that this and other things have had a grave and detrimental effect on all of our lives and have made our little escape to the country an absolute necessity. I may be a little quiet over the next few weeks but this will be a good and busy quiet, not another post stroke hiatus. With love and hugs to all my blog friends near and far.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Headbangers ...

No, I haven't gone over to the dark side, Ella is still my drug of choice on the musical front but I do seem to be surrounded by headbangers. In the jobs I mentioned below I have recently had to deal with a few individuals who need their heads banging together.

In addition to those who would benefit from a short, sharp block knock I have also encountered others that are inducing me to bang my own head hard against a brick wall in order to maintain the illusion of my own sanity.

In other news we may be moving from Urine Towers to Urban Decay Grove but it is semi-detached and has a garden (front and back); who cares about the crack den next door and the prostitute in the bus shelter?

In other other news I may have invented something brilliant but only if you are over 6 foot tall and own a caravan.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Red hot teddy peppers

Well green to be precise but it didn't fit with the theme. Weather attrocious here today so bad that they have had to cancel the Ten Tors. For all the children taking part, I'm sure it's a major disappointment but for all the parents, and in light of this, I'm sure it's a great relief.
This little feller and all of his friends can be found here.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Out of touch ...

It's official. I'm out of touch. It's now six and a bit (soon to be seven and a bit) pin money jobs and juggling the blog the allotment and work has just been a bit too much. I tried to keep up but waht with bees and bumps and spooky ear infection sickness (I had that too) and computers going bang and council workmen (we've had those too in bath collapse saga or should it have been 6 week epic?) I just haven't quite managed.

So a big hello to everyone and I'll try to make it once a week from now on.