Saturday, June 04, 2011

Summer lovin'

I must admit to not being a big fan of heat but long days of blue skies and sunshine, drying washing on the line and having the windows open all day and all night kind of make up for it.

It's a month since John had stroke number 4 - the hospital have sort have decided that he may have a problem in the vessels in his brain - no shit sherlock. We have made some major lifestyle changes and we are both (apparently) looking if not feeling better for it.

Twenty five years ago on Monday, I joined the Wrens. I was so excited I could have popped. I met some amazing girls, who have, I have recently rediscovered, turned into clever, funny women.

Things are changing once more. Arty daughter is returning to being arty in September, surrealo son is loved up and organising things for people who like yellow, and the two year old genius is now eight. "The artist" is not arting at the moment but concentrating on not having any more brain storms and I am helping him get there. His beautiful pictures like the one above are featuring here. Expectations are being managed; the living is, as the song says, easy.

We are on the move again. The estate is being demolished and hopefully we will get a lovely new house out of it. You have to take, I have learnt, comfort where you can. You have to ac-sen-choo-ate the positive, for life and the way we live it is a fragile, transient thing.

I'm about ready to put my brain back into gear. I thought a spot of light reading might be in order, so if you don't spot me wasting countles hours clogging your feed with my latest achievement in some distraction that purports to be a game, you'll know where I am.
This afternoon we are intending to have a barbecue on our new oildrum barbecue, that's if the weather holds. The rain will come again but for now I'll just make hay.