Saturday, January 26, 2008

One fine day....

A very happy New Year to anyone who remembers me. I am now even more busy in the job department which would be fine if the Local Authority would stop buggering about with my pay.

However it has its compensations as the Artist now has a new studio (or as we like to call it, the shed) and is busy being creative again - yay!!

Some of you may remember that we had a potentially large garden from the google earth picture somewhere below but it had a large patio, robbed out of its paviours. Thankfully, the shed now takes up much of this which means we can't really see the garden from the lounge but the plan is to be in it when it's dry enough anyway.

Since Christmas I have been taking advantage of any dry days to move things that I'd given temporary homes to after buying them and plantings 'bits and pieces' I've bought. Today I planted out some rhubarb, gooseberry bush (with words of warning from my mother about looking underneath it), redcurrant and blackcurrant, an apple and a pear tree.

The chicken thing is looking like a distinct possibility - my neighbours my need a bit buttering up first, although I thought 3 pullets wouldn't cause to much noise, what do you think?