Friday, September 16, 2005

No news ...

... is not always necessarily good news. Been feeling rotten all summer, compounded by the holidays, tiny shitty little flat and no money. This week started off all vim and vigour: Surrealo Son went back to school last week, Arty Daughter due to start college on 13th. Trying to address my problems and get my head straight.

What could possibly go wrong? Well probably everything if I'm involved.

We (me and the Artist for newbies or those who need to dust my abandoned blog down)spent a very pleasant evening post Ashes (sorry Antipodes) and a lovely dinner enjoying each other's company and generally being rather silly.

We decided to go to bed to watch the very silly film (Soldier Blue) we were sitting up watching at about half past midnight. At around ten to one the Artist started rolling and lolling over the side of the bed (a sneaky tactic to avoid my advances I thought). When this had happened three times (the Artist thought it was really funny) I noticed in the glint of the TV that the residual effects from the February stroke looked much worse on the left side of his face. By this time instead of trying to sit on the bed he had slid to the floor.

I said I thought he'd had another stroke. He couldn't grip my hand. He couldn't sit up straight. He said he was fine. I called the ambulance who were there within 6 minutes.

We are still waiting for a diagnosis - the CT scan only showed the old brain injury; nothing new. His MRI results are being disappointingly elusive. Hopefully he'll have had them now.

Just waiting for Tescos to deliver the shopping and then I'll be off with the Two year old genius to the hospital.

Sorry to everyone who has contacted me over the summer - just not been able to get this or anything else into gear. Have to now though.

Love to you all. Will keep this posted.

The picture is not of me by the way - to see my naked bum you'll have to visit John's online gallery at Reclining nude with red hair is me, not the stick insect above.


Ally said...

I am glad you are feeling better enough to post sometimes again. Take care x

Badaunt said...

I do hope it's not another stroke...

One time at the acupuncture clinic a guy came in who had all the symptoms of a stroke. His face was paralysed down one side, his eye wouldn't close, one side of his body was numb, and so on. At the hospital they had booked him in for a MRI the next day, and he came in just in case the acupuncturist could do anything.

Turned out he was extremely cold but only on one side of his body. He always slept with the window open, and always slept facing the same way. He drove with one elbow out of the window, even in winter. And so on. He had a bunch of habits that chilled his body on the right side.

Some heat treatment and a couple of needles later, he was almost back to normal. It was REALLY AMAZING, like seeing a miracle.

Does the Artist have habits that might chill him on one side? It is far-fetched, but still, a possibility...

Erin Monahan said...

whatever it ends up being I hate to hear that you're facing the stress of it. I hope everything turns out fine, with clear scans and no re-occurances.

I'll keep you in my thoughts.

She Weevil said...

Thanks all for your kindness. Unfortunately there has been no change at all within John - so now it looks like a long and much slower process of recovery than last time. Unsurprisingly he is very, very down.

I will keep geeing him up just as your comments have helped me. Thanks again

Vickie said...

Tell him your readers are pulling for him. Find some time for yourself as well. I know what I say is impossible, but sometimes we just need to regroup. Wishing better health to you both...

Annie said...

It's nice to see you back, but not under such circumstances. Sounds like you have your hands more than full. Hope you have got the results by now and a treatment/therapy programme under way. *Big hugs*
P.S. I'm using a pseudonym to blog now, but you'll figure out who I am when you read my blog!

Issy said...

Hiya, so sorry to hear your news, your No. 1 son told us last week, I have been trying to catch you online, but realise you are inundated with things at the moment.Take care , love to you all.

She Weevil said...

Thanks Issy - did see your IM one day but you'd gone by the time I'd seen it.

You are right: I'm snowed under with paperwork, buses, visiting times and info is fairly thin on the ground.

Thanks for your message. F.