Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Parsnip Fay Weldon

To concur with a certain huffy sister of mine in the comments below the last post, I am indeed a little daft around the edges. The title of this post, however, is not a sign of that vast madness but instead a sign of someone else's.

Having a quick squizz at my sitemeter results is often quite interesting and this morning is no exception - apparently if you google the above I come up second. The question is why would you want to? This must be one of the weirder google searches I have been visited by although not the weirdest. That honour goes to zebra f***ing -a reflection of my wont to use florid profanity and of others strange predilictions. It brought up several links to photos none of which I followed. Not that I'm prudish just of a slightly nauseous dispositon.

According to the BBCs new life change programme How to Get Lucky, having a haircut now counts as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I can vouch for the therapeutic effect as by another weird coincidence I had one on Monday to cheer myself up.


Ally said...

My refer logs are a constant source of amusement - my fave at the moment is still 'how to photocopy your own bum' and 'wierd sanitary towels'. Why? Why would someone google that? :).

Badaunt said...

I get a lot of searches for 'teaching present simple', which always makes me feel guilty. Even the links in the sidebar don't stop me from feeling bad. I know what it's like to search for a lesson plan in a hurry and get some stupid blog.

I had my hair cut on Sunday, and I can vouch for the good feeling. It had been eight months!

Cheryl said...

I get people looking for mad sex.
They don't stop long.

Nice post!