Saturday, July 15, 2006

Every woman, every man join the caravan ...

... of love.

As I eluded in the post below, since I last posted we have become the proud and ever-so-slightly mad owners of a caravan.

A 1989 Ace Rallyman to be precise. After weeks of trawling used caravan adds I have now found the very van (well the very model anyway) and can therefore post lots of lovely pictures without actually having to go to ours. That little pleasure will have to wait until the slider in the post below reads 0.

I have, it is true to say become rather obsessive compulsive about it all as we have stayed in this van before two years ago and all our camping gear is actually already in it. The fact that I thought I would never see any of it again may go someway to explaining elation and excitement.

Any how I have 2 weeks in the middle of August booked and am fit to burst. I have never been on a holiday where I have had to pay a deposit before so at the tender age of 38 (on Monday anyway) a grown up holiday is something I am grasping with both hands and wrestling to the ground in that kind of matey play fighting rambunctiousness that teenage boys have about them.

In true anorak"tin-tenters" tradition I will now give you the lowdown on our "outfit".
We have a 2.0 Renault Laguna estate which is of absolutely no use as I don't drive and the Artist is still a bit incapacitated in that respect. In fact we are a bit dubious as to whether it actually works at all. Not to worry we are going on the train.

Our 1989 Ace Rallyman is a 2/3 berth with either 2 single bunks or one extra large double.
It does look somewhat like the one in the picture though ours has the added convenience of having opening curtains!

In the picture above you can just see (on the right) a gas fire and (on the left) a built in three-way fridge and ice box. We also have a table which goes in between the two 'banquettes'.

To the rear of the van is an end kitchen and end/side toilet/shower/washroom.

For some reason blogger doesn't want to upload these pictures but we have a sink, a three borner gas hob and a grill, loads of storage, a shower, wash basin and porta-potti. We also have a large awning which attaches to the side of the caravan complete with large dining table and lots of chairs. This converts to extra bedroom space which is useful given the fact that Surrealo Son is now a bit of a long thing. He was 15 last week and is now about an inch taller than me. (6' 2"?)

As you can probably tell my excitement knows no bounds - wish me a happy one for Monday. I appear to have been given a caravan from an unlikely source.


Chancellor Thomas Hemsley of the People's Democratic Republic of Britain said...

Happy Birthday. Pluuuuuuuuuuuuuuph. I'm more of a 6"1'.

Anonymous said...

Awh :) it makes me happy to see you happy, even if the caravan programmes are a bit monotone x x x

Stegbeetle said...

I'm pleased you're so pleased. wish you "joy of the caravan" and a very happy birthday for Monday!

Thursday said...

Many happy returns!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

you old git!

Huffy x

KW said...

That all sounds very exciting. Happy happy birthday, by the way. :)

Ally said...

Oh dear, I'm late :/. I hope you had a happy birthday! Roll on August! :)

She Weevil said...

Thank-you all for you birthday wishes!!

Rantz said...

Mad? You lot? No. Never.

Here's to hoping the lof you are enjoying your travels.