Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane....

Parcel tracks

Date Time Location Tracking Event

13-09-2006 19:35 SYDNEY On route to delivery depot
11-09-2006 15:38 SYDNEY Arrived in destination country
09-09-2006 22:35 International Hub Despatched from hub
08-09-2006 04:25 International Hub Left origin country
07-09-2006 01:06 National Hub Sorted in hub
06-09-2006 18:46 Plymouth Depot On route to hub
06-09-2006 16:26 Plymouth Depot Export item accepted into network


Ally said...

Yay! for Parcel Tracker!

Rantz said...

Woo hoo^23.

Woo hoo^23 and again and again.

Bloody fabulous. Shan't be long now.

Woo hoo^23!

(can you tell I'm excited?)

Rantz said...

It's heya! It's heya! Thanks muchly for the beauty.

Rantz said...

And now, Pears is on the wall.