Friday, January 26, 2007

A nice cup of tea ...

.. goes to my neglected [blog] friend in the wilds of Wales. In fairness, she's not the only one I've neglected and I had resolved not to do the whole mea culpa thing again I've just been so busy and my juggling skills were never up to much in the first place.
So, sheepish waves to everyone. I'm out of the loop because when I don't write I feel guilty about lurking; I'll just draw a line and get on with it.
My small job has escalated and now seems to be breeding. The initial small job may well be in terminal condition though following a particularly nasty encounter at the weekend. However other associated small jobs seem lovely and cuddly at the mo.
Despite making several sales the artist has suffered what you might call a crisis of confidence - not helped by the uncertainty of the Urine Towers situation.
As for the allotment, apparently someone blithering idiot has cut down all our fruit bushes - I don't know, the artist went. It's just another of the things I haven't had time to cope with. On a brighter note I have 50 seed potatoes to chit: 20 Red Duke of York and 30 Desiree.


Cheryl said...

I was just going to compliment your choice of picture, applaud the job situation, say how lovely it is to hear from you, and then, bam, the fruit trees. That would wind me up to the nth degree in fact I feel my blood boiling and shoulders slumping on your behalf, even from here. There are no expletives up to the task. Damn, even. Empathy.

Lovely to see you post.

Ally said...

What Cheryl said. And thank you for the apologetic cake, too :).

Do you have a pattern for that teacosy? :)

Stegbeetle said...

Cut down your fruit bushes?! Utter swine! Needs cutting into small pieces and using to fertilise replacements.

It is lovely to see you post.