Saturday, May 12, 2007

Out of touch ...

It's official. I'm out of touch. It's now six and a bit (soon to be seven and a bit) pin money jobs and juggling the blog the allotment and work has just been a bit too much. I tried to keep up but waht with bees and bumps and spooky ear infection sickness (I had that too) and computers going bang and council workmen (we've had those too in bath collapse saga or should it have been 6 week epic?) I just haven't quite managed.

So a big hello to everyone and I'll try to make it once a week from now on.


Steg said...

Six (soon to be seven) and a bit jobs?! Babe, how many hours are there in a day in your world? And what's a "bit" of a job?
Nice to hear from you, now I know the comment wasn't an hallucination!

*waves enthusiastically*

Ally said...

*waves too*

I was just thinking I should email you to see if you were okay. You *sound* okay ... although I second Steg's comment - SIX JOBS! I find it difficult to hold down one.