Friday, May 27, 2005

Dodge City

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Just flicking through our local fascist rag (part of the Mail Group) to see if we had any marauding buffalo or anything else remotely like the wild west when I found this was our top story. The NT story which inspired me had a kind of raw integrity: nature red in tooth and claw; all the Herald's story goes to show is that I am not imagining the fact that I live in an urban cesspit of crime and, I hesitate to use the word, lack of respect for the rule of law.

Sorry to sound like Irate of Tonbridge Wells. There is not a Conservative bone in my body infact if I had to lay blame anywhere (and I believe I do) it would fall at the feet of "Make me a channel of your peace" Thatcher and her vandalism. We have become the society-free nation she promised us - it's a legacy of sorts but not one I'd want to be remembered for.

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