Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Finally (Build it. Build it, baby) the long awaited MOVIE MEME

Well don't really know where to start with this but as it's turning into a huge and hidden bag of knitting wool (some of which became useful at the weekend but if darning's the sum of it's usefulness it's a shitload of darning) of a thing.

Total Number of Videos/DVDs owned:

Well it depends if you mean of the prerecorded variety or of the ever-so-slightly-illegal-recorded-off-the-telly variety. I'll have to assume that you mean a stramge fusion of the two. I own about two videos of the prerecorded type and several (I'll get no closer than that) of the other. The two are, for what it's worth, Bull Durham and Muriel's Wedding but I haven't watched them for a long time. They were bought for a time when I needed them; I also had Moonstruck and Much Ado about Nothing too. Surrealo Son would regale people by singing Sigh No More Lady, aged 5. But that was all in the life before The Painter.

We have three DVDs in the house - we got a player for Christmas from Mrs Simnel (thank-you) and the disc things were pressies too. So if you want a grand night out drop round for Postman Pat - the ABC years, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Prisoner and some fantastic wailing by Travis.

Hang on a mo, forgotten the questions - need to refer back - (just cut and paste you stupid cow).

Last film I bought:

A boxed set of early (proper) James Bond. Dougray Scott for Bond. Yay!!!!

The last film I watched:

The Dam Busters

Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:

Well, one film I have to mention I haven't even seen and it's all your fault Mrs Simnel. Poor Huffy and me never got to go and see the Aristocats at the cinema because you had the audacity to be born. I can never forget this - being
made to drink bath water is just not a good enough punishment. We had to go to the swimming pool instead and it was a school one made of plastic and it had spiders in it and I COULDN'T SWIM. It's A Wonderful Life, Much Ado about Nothing, Grease and Persuasion with the wonderful Ciaran thingy.

Annie, Mary and Ally will that do you?? I'm going to tag Huffy although her blog is not really a blog yet (I'd like to tag Mrs Simnel but she doesn't have one at all), Last Year's Man, Rantz, PhD Monkey and Erin.


HabitualDamnation said...

hi there. i clicked on your site on the rcoket page because o sweet lord me i hate chavs as much as you. they seem to have taken over the world in england! as a romanticist by trainin, things were most definitely better in the past!

Ally said...

{backs away a few steps with appeasing body-langage} ... yes, thank you very much! :).

Huffy Sister said...

can you swim now?