Thursday, April 06, 2006

Brrr!! Blog chill

There's something virulent on its way around the blog world and I got my dose from Bad Aunt over at present simple. Cheers Bad Aunt. Apparently, according to

pearsonified, the indie virus is the virus you want to catch, although there is no known cure and the only way to alleviate your symptoms is to pass it on.

I'm not sure but I think Ally may want to avoid the indie virus if she moves to the country, on account of her fantasy chickens. No, I know she has never really expressed any desire for fantasy chickens, I just have an inkling. But it may be that it helps in the cultivation of her new homemade yoghurt. In any case if she does succumb, I'm sure she'll self medicate with a drop of the amber liquid.

Well, perhaps not and speaking of wells which I wasn't if the indie virus was accidentally to find its way over to Kitchen Witch she'd likely come up with some sort of powder or potion to combat it.

Finally I'm sure the indie virus wouldn't dare make its way to Kings Lynn because Stegbeetle is far to busy to be bothered with it.


Ally said...

Ahh, you're lovely. And I'm pleased you're not dead, too :).

I have three fantasy chickens. They're called Agnes, Frances and Bessie and they live in my fantasy chicken coop in the back yard.

Stegbeetle said...

Ally, I do worry sometimes!

Badaunt said...

I've just been reinfected. NOW what do I do?


KW said...

Um, I feel like the child with the dunce cap in the corner... *confused*

KW said...

Just dropped by to say, um, hello... Hope things are sunny down your way - Exeter has pissing rain despite forecasts of sun... Typical. :)