Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Picture

Stella! Stella! A touch of the deep South brought to you this morning from the, err, deepish South. This weeks Friday Picture is called Bayou No 2 and can be found over at Minigallery. It's a little different from the Painter's usual stuff and is currently residing in the living room of Urine Towers above the funky Heuga patchwork we like to call carpet.

As we speak the weather is not quite so sultry in Plymouth but it is what one might call a delightful spring morning.


KW said...

I like this one, particularly the orange. The painter certainly does variety, doesn't he? :)

Ally said...

I really, really like this!

RiTNo said...

can i suggest its quite good, but?

interesting imagery going on with the "dripping orb" (sun?)

but the bottom left hand block of totally dark colour fights too much for attention because the "orb area" is obviously where your attention is directed. For me it doesn't complement the rest of the picture and fights for interest because its the same colour, just about, as the sun/orb area of "sky". Maybe a totally dark brown? who knows? The artist is obviously happy and that's prolly all that matters.

/my 1p-worth

She Weevil said...

Thanks for your feedback everyone.
It prolly is all that matters.