Thursday, February 14, 2008

... and I'm feeling good

I know in my heart that global warming is A BAD THING but the last few days which have, happily, coincided with half-term and a much needed break from the now 9 part time jobs have been spent very happily in the garden. I'm not a fairweather gardener and am happy in wind and rain, which has been just as well over the last few months, but to be able to potter with only the slight resemblance to Mr Bibendum that my natural figure invokes and without the layers of fleeces, jumpers and ski jackets has been rather delightful.

My propensity for perennials means that the collection of sticks in the ground you can see will, one day, be rather more than twigs.

In other lovely news the Artist's minigallery will be up and running from 19 February - watch this space.

And finally heart felt Valentine congrats to my friends over here.


Kitchen Witch said...

Looks like very good progress. Have you decided about the chooks yet?

Ally said...

Thank you :).

I am glad you are getting to grips with the garden. Do you want some peas? I have LOADS left over.

Thursday said...

Pottering and imagining in the garden is Good. V. Good.