Thursday, February 21, 2008

A good week ...

... This week has been another good one with a little diference from the humdrum of every day goings on. Yesterday we went to beautiful, but atricously signposted, Bath. Arty Daughter had an interview at Bath Spa University for a place on their Fine Art course.

She is talented and clever and was offered a place on the basis of her portfolio alone.

For those of you who have missed him, the Painter has eventually managed to get a new Minigallery subscription sorted out and will soon have some new pieces available for sale.

He seems to be focussing on bare naked ladies at the moment so you are having my bottom inflicted on you in his honour.

Have broached chickens with neighbours who seem easygoing about it (and everything else) but we need to make the garden a bit more secure before we can go ahead.


Cheryl said...

Arty daughter would be she of the beautiful Doc Martens and the mockery at school (on the bus) for being an individual, a couple of years back?

My how things change - CONGRATULATIONS!
How does she feel about those stupid mumblers going off to work at Woolworths - IF they're lucky?

Three cheers for Arty D - Bath is lucky to have her - hurrah hurrah hurrah! :-)

Ally said...

Good for her! And are you thinking of Scots Dumpy's?

Rantz said...

congratz to the arty daughter

She Weevil said...

Cheryl - the very one
Ally - Black rocks (?)
Rantz - can't get on you blog - pages won't load - much love XXX