Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fabulous Minigallery

About a year ago I found, quite by accident, Minigallery's website. After some umming and ahhing the Artist was persuaded that it might be a better idea than the struggle he was having to sell his art through ebay and the derisory prices he was getting.

He signed up last February, shortly before stroke number one, and through sales he has been able to upgrade his subscription level twice. It also led to his first exhibition at The Art Garden Cafe on the historic Barbican, Plymouth.

If you are an artist, budding or otherwise, get yourself over to Minigallery:

Create your very own virtual art gallery online now!

They offer a range of subscriptions to suit even the most struggling and garret stricken of artists. Alternatively, if you want something lovely to stick on your wall, original works, prints even greetings cards and free ecards.

The Artist is very much on the mend now and starting to think about going back to work. He's got stuff to finish from last Autumn and new ideas he's almost desperate to work on.

Life is steadily getting back to normal, whatever that is.

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