Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Picture

This one is off down under soon to a lovely patron of the arts and I must admit to it being a favourite. It also currenlty adorns our livingroom wall and so as with any of the Painter's pictures it will, no literally, leave a gap.

In other news the bits and pieces have arrived from cafe press and are so fabulous that the bag I bought for Happy Christmas Fairy is going nowhere fast. Sorry and all that but I just love it too much to part with it. One word of caution though; if any of you decide to buy something and your order exceeds £18 you will be liable to pay UK duty.

I will get you one, Happy, you jst can't have this one and Huffy you just need to tell me which design you like.

Sorry the rest of you, just chat amongst yourselves, it's the only way we three weird sisters communicate with each other. I exaggerate but only slightly. If I can get the battery charger to work I will post a piccie of the true loveliness of the stuff later including perhaps one of the Painter sporting a very attractive strawberry tee-shirt.

In more other news my lovely allotment neighbour Tom has managed to get me a water butt all I have to do is is dig a hole to sit it in so that the kids who live nearby and collect gardening implements to sell at car boots don't kick it over.

That's tomorrow sorted out then: a hole to dig. Strange, that; I'm more used to digging myself out of them than in.


Stegbeetle said...

"I'm more used to digging myself out of them than in." - heh! Know the feeling, sweetheart!
Remember - sunblock and hat. And don't overdo it!

Rantz said...

It's mine - it's mine! And I shall have it soon...

Badaunt said...

The cafe press 'bits and pieces' look WONDERFUL.

What is a 'water butt'?

(Off to Google...)

Anonymous said...

I love that painting. The colours are gorgeous, and the fruit looks almost seductive(?... Lovely.