Saturday, June 17, 2006

Oliver's Adventures at LTB's house

This week had to be the one where Lachlan had to look after the class "pet". Oliver came complete with a bag and a book of his adventures at all the other boys and girls houses (all written by other mummies). Just another thing to add to the ever increasing list of things to do. I should probably add that Oliver is a toy cat not a real pet at all.
I have just finished it and I must admit to being quietly pleased, so here for your delight and edification is the story. Are you sitting comfortably? Right, then we'll begin.


Oliver came to stay at my house for the weekend but he didn’t know that he would actually stay a week. On Sunday we went to Mount Edgcumbe. It is a long way away and we had to get a bus and a ferry. It wasn’t very sunny but we had a barbecue anyway and I played football. Oliver sat on the mat and watched. After lunch I didn’t feel very well. Mummy said I had a temperature and we would need to go home. So we got a ferry and a bus back home.
On Monday I still wasn’t very well, my skin was very itchy and I had a headache and I was very hot. Oliver helped mummy to look after me; he kept me company and made me feel better
On Tuesday I was feeling a bit better but still not well enough to come back to school and I did something very silly: I hit my old dog Jack, on the head. It made him very frightened and he bit me. My mouth was bleeding and I had to go to hospital. A nurse looked at my mouth and said the doctor would need to look at it. When the doctor came He got a special face doctor to look at my mouth. She told my mummy I would need to have an operation to mend my lip and that I would need very strong medicine in my arm to make me better. Oliver was very worried about me and he went home with my daddy to wait for me.
In the afternoon a special doctor put me to sleep and when I woke up it was night-time. I was only awake for a little while. Mummy was at the hospital with me and she had to sleep in the playroom! She was very tired.
The next day the mouth doctor came and looked at my lip and said he thought it would get better soon but I needed to have some more strong medicine in my arm. I stayed at the hospital until I had had all my medicine. When I finished having my strong medicine in my arm I was allowed to go home and I went with mummy and daddy on the bus.
On Thursday I went to see my doctor to make my skin better; Oliver stayed at home and did some colouring in. My skin is feeling much better now and mummy says I can come back to school on Monday.
Oliver told me I was very mean to smack my dog and I won’t ever do it again: operations aren’t very nice; I would rather play with Oliver instead.


Stegbeetle said...

Quite a week for Oliver and for Lachlann.
And for you too, I imagine.

Stegbeetle said...

And I've spelt Lachlan's name wrong. I beg his pardon and yours!

Ally said...

A very saluatory tale :).

My sister had the school gerbils to look after one half term and she picked one up by it's tail, which promptly came off in her hand.

I would rather have Oliver any day :).