Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday Picture

Pouting "Arty Daughter" - more work from the Painter at or at minigallery.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Lovely picture..are you the artists wife?

I'm here from Michele tonight..
and I was very taken with your post about 'The Nutter On The Bus' sad...poor man must have been terribly terribly lonely and in so much pain...I loved that you made such a turn around during this encounter. We never know what motivates people, do we?

She Weevil said...

Yes I am. And the pouting lipped girl is our daugter from about five years ago - she's now willowy and at art school herself!

Thank-you for your comments and for stopping by.

keda said...

hi. i'm from michele's too jst saw the plymouth thing and got curious.. i'm originally from cornwall but far away in istanbul now.

lovely picture, and i loved the post below.. if you are interested i also recently wrote a piece along similar lines.

anyway blog on sheweevil*

She Weevil said...

Thanks Keda - I stopped by and said hi at
I will have a long read. Thanks for your lovely comments!!

keda said...

and i replied!