Tuesday, March 14, 2006

You must never go down to the end of the town if you don't go down with me ..

Struggling author has a link and the stolen (by me) image (left) on her blog through to a Save Christopher Robin campaign. It seems that the powers that be at the Disney Corporation have decided to ditch CR in favour of a tomboy girl character instead.

If you, like me, think that rattling Disney's cage about this is worthwhile then click here; you may, however, reckon that, on balance, saving the world is a better bet, in which case you can click here.


Writer Mom said...

Can't someone just write a new series? Are there no currently existing Tomboy characters to build a cartoon series off of?
Damn marketers.

Ally said...

Can we do both?

Cheryl said...

Big oopsy daisy.
I saw this yesterday, followed the link, became suitably incensed and posted my comment. Its there now in all its glory complete with rather humiliating spelling mistakes. I need a new keyboard, one where I havent worn off all the letters.
Sorry that in going full throttle for 'irate and pompous' I then forgot to come back here and tell you, and to thank you for pointing this out.
Done now!