Friday, March 03, 2006

South Penquite Farm Blog

I found this (link in the title) this morning, quite by accident, looking to see if it has, or was about to, snowed on Bodmin Moor (Surrealo Son is off for the weekend for an intro to University taster thingy). I don't think this is where he is staying but it came up in a search for webcams on Bodmin Moor. They don't actually seem to have one but nevertheless I found their blog.

Now, I'm not sure if the green is with envy or with the lurgy which is still all-pervading (I suppose I am atleast able to type now), and I'm doubtful as to whether rubbing my own nose in it in this way is healthy.

I do want to run away to the country and well, not farm exactly but croft. Two years ago this all seemed within reach, if at a stretch, but now it seems almost out of touch. I have looked at stroke provision in the Highlands and Islands (cheery and optimistic as always) and outcomes there are as good as in urban centres.

I don't want anything intensive, or indeed real farming, as I say: subsistence level is fine. I just want to live somewhere, grow my own food and love my family.

Oh, and give T*sc* a great big V sign.

I found this and it seems like a great idea but would mean giving up Urine Towers - not so much of a sacrifice, you would think but council houses are rather like hens' teeth in the South West. And I'm sure I would come across as the worst sort of hobby farmer. I know nothing about animal husbandry (except domestic cats). There is another smallholding to let in South Devon for a limited period but this presents the same problems and of course we are fairly immobile at the moment and rely heavily on public transport.

At the mo, I can't work out how to solve any of it or even what I really want: I seem to be reluctantly slipping back into the world of work and worse than that, low grade office work. Oh yes, I concede, I am at the top of the pile of low grade office work but nevertheless ...

I am entirely unsuited and unsuitable, leave aside the fact that I am told that I'm the best X, Y or Z that A, B or C has ever had.

I swore I would never go back in an office and here I am with one, potentially two office jobs, albeit tiny.

Moan over.


Ally said...

I am sure that you know this, but have you looked at animal husbandry courses with the smallholders association?

She Weevil said...

Doh!! I'm not sure if I'd be able to afford a course though but I will look into it.

Glad yours went well.

Badaunt said...

I know this will sound mad, but sometimes I dream of having an office job again. But that's probably because I haven't had one for about 17 years...

I hope you can figure out something. There must be some kind of educational opportunities that don't break the bank...? Re the animal husbandry thing, I mean.

Dominic said...

Dear Ms Weevil

Thank you for you kind comment. May I respond by saying that your own blog is well observed and sharply written and I’m not surprised that your employers consider you an asset and a bargain.