Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Politics of envy

I am a nice person. This is a truth universally acknowledged. So why am I sitting here smouldering? Google, and more especially googling, is bad for my health. Today I found someone who used to be my best friend and she has done very nicely for herself thankyou very much. All I can think is horrid thoughts about the "golden ones". You know the ones who happen to be standing next to you when the cosmic shit hits you full in the face.

I should, as a nice person, think "Oh! Jolly good for her" but the best I can muster is a muttered "Spoiled cow" and a teeny (it was really teeny) "lucky bitch".

Tomorrow I may have come to terms with it all but today I am just plain jealous and I hope she gets a huge boil on her pretty, upturned nose.


Steg said...

Perfectly understandable and acceptable. As is the momentary wish that they'd get "skirt caught in pants"!

Thursday said...

I'm sure if you told me all about her I'd mutter "Lucky bitch" too.