Wednesday, September 19, 2007

She Weevil's Moveable Feasts

Almost gone and entirely forgotten, if you would like to submit your favourite recipes for this little weblog, here, they would be most welcome.
There is already a glut of tantalising little treats there (well, perhaps glut is overstating it somewhat but it they are there nonetheless) and yours could join them. There is no prize and no reward other than the knowledge that you have been immortalised on tinternet.


Ally said...

You haven't updated for ages and I haven't visited for ages ... :). We are making beer tonight, and very nice it turns out, too:

three quarters of a pound of 'spray malt'
1 oz of hops
1 gallon of water
'beer yeast'

Boil the malt, the hops and the water for 90 minutes.
Allow to cool and put in to a food-grade bucket, straining out the lumps
Add the yeast.
Leave for four days.
Bottle in to 8 pint-bottles, putting a quarter of a tea-spoon of sugar in to each bottle, too.
Leave for at least three weeks. Improves with age.

Thursday said...

Sheweevil, where ARE you?????