Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday picture

As Cheryl (the mad, baggagey one over here) remarked once, the scale of these paintings is difficult to glean from the computer screen. The Painter's paintings are often large chimney breast fillers and this one is no exception and would grace any wall apart from the fact it is currently languishing in a roll having had a mishap involving falling off its hook and its stretcher bars breaking. It's all quite sad.

It can probably be restretched but some of the canvas has torn too so it will have to be cut down; at least we have the image here.

I was going to post the picture of the iris which the Painter painted from one of mine in honour of the Chelsea Flower Show which seems to have them in abundance this year. If you are thinking of some for your garden they really are fabulous and I must recommend Claire Austin's catalogue. She has such a variety of fantastic irises in all shapes sizes and colours; lovely blousy back of the border cottage garden perennials. She has a great selection of other perennials too and the quality is excellent.

Hopefully the rain will stop at some stage over the weekend otherwise I will be laying phormisol in the rain. This week has been a bit hectic with work commitments taking over and lots of unfortunate and sad events that have meant more stress and headaches and a screaming fit mid week.

The Painter stood and took me venting my spleen (eugh) like the man that he his. An unhappy train of coincidences that were beyond everyone's control have meant a very unsettled and unsettling week for the Sheweevil. It's half-term now and hopefully I can use that as some sort of full stop. I have decisions to make.

On a different tack or perhaps as an adjunct to the above I need feedback on the Cafepress stuff. I think small independent retailers might like the designs, what do you think. I also thought about doing craft fair kind of things with them. We have some samples on order and once we have seen the quality of production will be able to think about this in more detail. I have no real sales ability and singularly failed to sell myself when I had my own business a few years ago but I don't find it hard to be enthusiastic about the Painter's stuff (sorry gentle reader you bear the brunt I'm afraid) and so perhaps it's a way to go?


Stegbeetle said...

Hopefully any headaches and stress are behind you. May any decisions you make be wise ones!
Here, have a cuppa!

Ally said...

I had a look at the cafe press stuff when you first put it up - I think a lot of his painting really lend themselves to that kind of thing. I may have mentioned my love-affair with the bags at the time ... .

My lady-bird larvae have arrived. I think they will get washed away if I put them out :/.

She Weevil said...

Can you put the in the fridge or something - some things go into suspended animation?

Thanks for the feed back Ally. Just wondering if business types think there's any leg room in them.

Ally said...

Crikey, I wouldn't describe myself as a 'business type'. But I will ask my best-beloved to have a look; he definitely is, but also has the added bonus of being an arty so-and-so :).

They'll keep in the fridge for a couple of days I think.

*leaves to do sun-dance*

She Weevil said...

supposed to be better next week