Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gardeners delight...

... or mine anyway. As promised I am back, having made 4lbs of lemon curd and some homemade cheese. I'm nothing if not industrious, me.
I have spent most of the last few days (Sunday, Monday and Tuesday) at the allotment. Actually that's not strictly true. We did go on Sunday with LTB in tow but had to abort our visit due to boy/rake issues. Our visit was long enough to discover that some form of arthropod has attacked the tiny sprouts of our Golden Ball onion sets. I discovered also that we have lots of lovely strawberries coming through too.
Yesterday Surrealo Son and I went up and he sheared down the grass and dandelions around the fruit bushes so that I can lay the weed suppressant fabric round and about. I turned over another bed (the one that I had done on Monday) in readiness for our 60 brassica plants that are due any day now, hoed around the strawbs and earthed up our new potatoes, Adora. They're about 5 or 6 inches tall now. They went in a week earlier than the Catriona which are just breaking through.
This morning 10 sweetcorn plants arrived; they will have to wait until Friday now as I have to go to a funeral tomorrow and won't have time. They join the globe artichokes in the things to do list, although I have potted them up and they are sitting on the kitchen windowsill. Did I tell you that already? Am I loosing my mind?
The most exciting thing of all is the tiny pea sized apricots or nectarines on my unidentified fruit trees which even have tiny green bum clefts. There are also a plethora of red/white and black currants although the strimmed goosberry bush seems not to have survived.
Last but not least, I have to report that my Maigold rose is flowering its little heart out and my William Morris is just about to follow suit.
So as they say, somewhere, everything in the garden is lovely.


Stegbeetle said...

Ha! Boy/rake issues. Yes, I can imagine.
Good to hear that everything's going swimmingly at the allotment, if I can use the word "swimmingly" about an allotment.
What are your plans for the Lemon Curd, he said, salivating uncontrollably. Good God, I need a bib!

She Weevil said...

Well, a couple of requests from the family: lemon meringue pie and a sponge cake with cream and lemon curd.

My favourite is large slices of bloomer loaf with lurpak (fairly thickly spread and lemon curd.

LTB did find it in the kitchen earlier and now thinks "lemony custard kerb" is yummy.

Cheryl said...

I'm jealous!

KW said...

Good progress! Lemon meringue pie... so much greed, so little time...

Ally said...

Interested in more about the cheese-making ... . Spring has definitely sprung, hasn't it!