Saturday, May 27, 2006

Help save Fordhall Farm ...

taken from the website and found via the INEBG forum

"a community driven venture which is helping to reconnect people with the land and food, whilst promoting the full 'pasture to plate' cycle."
The Fordhall Initiative was established with the aim of saving Fordhall Farm in Shropshire from being broken up, sold off and lost forever. The story is an inspiring one - (particularly after the sad story of High Yewdale -new window).The family remain adamant that the decades of research and compassionate management at Fordhall should not be lost to development. The family has until July 1st 2006 to raise the £800,000 required to purchase the land and save it from development. They have raised over £65,000 to date. The idea is to take Fordhall Farm out of private ownership and to put it into community ownership forever. Fordhall will be owned by the public and opened as an educational and social resource promoting sustainable farming and healthy living. It will remain a proper working farm with farm shop. Their website shows how you can buy shares and help to support this brave venture. As the website says,
"This structure is the first of its kind in the UK; it represents a passion and commitment to a way of life that needs to be encouraged if future generations are to enjoy living in harmony with nature."The venture is applauded and supported by, among others, Patrick Holden, Prince Charles, Zac Goldsmith - and by warmwell. And some warmwell readers, we hope, will want to buy shares or write a letter of support.

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