Wednesday, May 10, 2006

One branch at a time ...

I'm spending a fair amount of time up my family tree at the moment and have "found" four distant cousins so far.

Thankfully I have had a little more luck than Keith Richards in the tree department; perhaps he sould stick to his family tree too.

My surname list and sundry other lovelies are here:

Lots of names connected with me mostly


Imperatrix said...

That's a lot of names! (And I love the name Fiona).

My uncle did some genealogical research on our family about 20 years ago. But he and my father have had a falling out, so I think if I want to build up my family tree, I'll have to start from scratch. (But I do remember him telling me stories of my grandmother (13th child, expected by her sibs to not get married so she could take care of her aging mother -- very Like Water for Chocolate).

Anonymous said...

Whose Keith Richards...? Is he in The Stones? (Sorry, you know how blonde I am) x