Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My resistance is low ...

I have been quiet for a few days. This is due in large part to tree pollen and the profusion of it about this year. I don't even get hayfever, unfortunately it is the thing which aggravates Lachlantheboy's asthma and I hadn't had a night's sleep since Friday. On Monday everything took a turn for the worse and we had to make a dash to the doctor's. They were fantastic. I phoned them at just before 11 and they said "we can fit you in at 11:10" so we went over to the surgery and everyone was extremely kind and helpful. Now I have stopped worrying to the same extent about LTB I seem to have succombed (my spelling brain has deserted me too so if you do happen to notice something that makes me look particularly ignorant, please ignore and in no circumstances bring it to my attention) to whatever hit me earlier in the year.

In addition to that I seem also to have reinfected by the Indie Virus. So unfortunatley I may have to spread it about a bit, in order to make a full recovery you understand. If I do happen to sneeze in your direction don't worry just think of it as some kind of extended meet and greet. The Indie Virus will do no harm whatsoever to your drive, hard or other wise and the Indie Virus is only mitgated by spreading it about.


Cheryl said...

Great links!
(Says she knowing two of them are on her own blogroll already.....)

Great minds etc etc

Hugs to LTB and I hope you get a good chance to rest up.

Ally said...

Yes, hope the pollen subsides a bit. Here you go ... :{. :).

Stegbeetle said...

Hope the lad is feeling better. I sympathize - I had asthma quite badly when young but seem to have grown out of it - a lone benefit in getting older!

KW said...

Hope things are looking up now: bastard pollen. :)