Monday, February 27, 2006

Found me how?

Girls surprise enemas is the latest odd search term to wend its way to the abode of the Weevil. What's your weirdest? I thought parsnip fay weldon and zebra f***ing were rather odd enough.

I wouldn't recommend a surprise enema. In my experience the expected type are quite bad enough. If you can possibly avoid it a surprise examination should be avoided too; the last thing you need to hear is the unexpected clank of a speculum being cranked somewhere behind you, especially if the doctor hasn't even introduced himself. Bloody rude if you ask me.


KW said...


My wierdest is 'obscene thumbs'. Twice. I ask you...

She Weevil said...

How odd. You are indeed second, after a lesbian website called obscene thumbs. What a niche.

Badaunt said...

Recently someone found me while looking for

make my forskin come back

(Yes, spelt wrongly.) I was curious enough to check it out, and discovered that I was on page 22 of the results (in Yahoo), which I guess means that the person was REALLY, REALLY persistent. What a disappointment I must have been.