Saturday, February 18, 2006

Look through my window

I'm busy completing the Johari Window thingy, which I cadged from Ally, via Kitchen Witch and the Madster.

Having to restrict yourself to six litle words was very difficult because I wanted to use them all but I managed and came up with the best matches I could. What do you think?

Once you've done mine you can set up your own.

Now off to do the Baggage's; Kitchen Witch, I hardly know you, so perhaps I'll wait a bit until I do yours.


Annie said...

I just had to do this and get my own!

Cheryl said...

evryone keeps saying it - six is not enough!

Badaunt said...

Six is absolutely NOT enough.

And after I hit submit I wanted to change mine... but it would have been changing one I think is true for another I think is true, so it doesn't really matter, I suppose.

KW said...

It's tricky when it's from someone you've only just come across, isn't it? ;)