Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday picture

This is a detail from a picture the Artist sold a little while ago via Minigallery but recently got some really nice feedback on it from the purchaser.

The Artist hasn't been able to add any new work to the site since September but he has been able to include some of his botanical illustrations because of his upgraded subscription (Silver Membership).

The site is undergoing some updating with new front end gallery pages for the artists and various other improvements promised over the next few weeks.

It really has been quite a find - who says hours of trawling the interweb aren't fruitful.

If you happen to be a struggling artist they are an excellent venue for your art and provide an online portfolio of your work - for our friends in other parts they have also added Minigallery America and Minigallery World.


Ally said...

I have been recommending Minigallery like mad to my father-in-law, who a very good amateur contemporary artist who belongs to a local group. Hopefully he's going to join.

She Weevil said...

Hi Ally - the people that run the site are very friendly and helpful during the set up process and it's run like a community with forums etc if you want that kind of thing. The Artist doesn't really bother with that side of it but they are very supportive and keep in regular contact, answer queries promptly - they have a real cross section of styles and abilities from amateurs (talented and otherwise) to professional artists looking for an alternative online presence eg The Artist, Nicholas St John Rosse etc.