Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thanks Rantz ...

... for a (rare just makes me sound pathetic) laugh.

Can't stand the little blighters (left) or the affect they produce on the Painter. I do, however, eat them knowing exactly how good they are for me and everyone else and I may even grow some in the garden this year.

For some reason this train of thought has made me think of the new low in reality type television just airing here on UKTV Style: The Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses. Yes, I know, I started watching out of nasty and prurient voyeurism after several large glasses of red wine. The episode I saw, the introduction of coffee enemas for all and the introduction of the concept of colonic plaques have got me and I will be tuning in again.

Make your own connection with brussel sprouts.

I will endeavour to be less british and more germanic about bottoms and the tunes they make in the future.


Sam said...

Ack! The only thing I hate worse than those buggers is fried liver! I'll eat asparagus to cover my green needs :-)

Badaunt said...

I LOVE brussels sprouts! Here they are called 'mini cabbage,' which always makes me grin.

WTF is colonic plaque?

She Weevil said...

Hi Sam - I love liver and anything involving dead animal really. Thanks for dropping by.

Mary - after seeing the programme and being frankly weirdly and obsessively fascinated by colonic plaques, I am very tempted to google image for them but I warn you it would not be for the faint hearted.

Carol said...

Brussels sprouts - BLECCCH!!! My mother scarred me for life with those things! I haven't eaten one in over 20 years, but I can taste it like it was yesterday.