Sunday, February 19, 2006

Itinerary of my life

Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire; Lossiemouth, Morayshire; Mullion, Cornwall; Liverpool, Lancashire; Mullion, Cornwall; Falmouth, Cornwall; Torpoint, Cornwall; Southwick, Hampshire; Rosyth, Fife; Inverkeithing, Fife; Dunfermline, Fife; Ilchester, Somerset; Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria; Falmouth, Cornwall; Barrow-in Furness, Cumbria; Falmouth, Cornwall; Plymouth, Devon; London; Plymouth, Devon. (All the links are different)

If you don't know where any of the places are click this link to the map on the left.


Ms. Mac said...

I grew up in Dunfermline, my friends and family are still there as well as in Rosyth and Inverkeithing!

Ooooh, I'm all excited for no apparent reason at all!

She Weevil said...
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She Weevil said...

I know, I know. I'm just as excited about this and finding the great grandaughter of the sister of my great great grandfather on genesreunited.
In truth though, I only lived in Fife for about a year. Long enough to make the worst mistake of my life ("X" marks the spot) and to very quickly become pregnant with Arty Daughter(one of the three biggest joys of my life).
X decided bringing another headstrong scot into the world was a terrible idea and insisted we move back to England.
One day I will get back.
I lived here

Ms. Mac said...

Oh Jesus! I lived and grew up in Rowan Grove for about 9 years! I used to play in the field where your street was eventually built. We park there to go to Our Lady of Lourdes with Mum at Christmas.

What a small, small world it is!

She Weevil said...

I wnet in there a couple of times but if I went to mass generally went to the tiny church at the naval base (that's why I was there - in the navy.
When we bought our flat it had only been built about a year.
I knew if I did this thing it would turn up things like this - whenever I travel by train it's like a re-enactment of six degrees of separation.
I move to Plymouth to go to Uni and end up working with a bloke who went to school and lived next door to my ex-father-in-law's wife!!
A small world indeed

She Weevil said...

forgot to say they were from seascale in cumbria.