Monday, February 27, 2006

Shrove Tuesday

So are you ready to be shriven? The season of Lent is almost upon as and as you prepare to fast (or atleast give something up that means more than a hill of beans to you) you should be dusting off your frying pan and mixing up your batter ahead of tomorrow's festivities.

For the pancakes you will need:

Ingredients for the pancake mixture:
110g/4oz plain flour, sifted
pinch of salt
2 eggs
200ml/7fl oz milk mixed with 75ml/3fl oz water
50g/2oz butter
To serve:
caster sugar
lemon juice
lemon wedges

That's right; in the spirit of hair-shirtiness that goes with eating pancakes and being shriven, you must eschew the delights of syrup on your pancake(s) and go for the sweet and sour delight of lemon and sugar. They should also be, as the popular phrase states, as flat as a pancake, more like a crepe than an American breakfast pancake.

Now that you have that right, there's just one question left. What will you be giving up?


Stegbeetle said...

I'll be giving up suprise enemas. My nerves are shot and I can't deal with it anymore!

Annie said...

I've never given anything up for Lent. I wonder if I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like pancakes. I'm certainly the only person in my family.

Cheryl said...

I give up things for kids, and marriage, so I'm a saint already.
Husband is the only one who gives something up, also the only one who doesnt like pancakes.

Is it true that if you count, this year there are 40 plus an extra week, between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday?

Cheryl said...

40 DAYS plus.....