Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's not my birthday or anything ...

... I just felt like a new look. I've been toying around with different things for a while now (and had a sght more success with blogskins than with haircuts I have to tell you - the poodle look is now out in favour of the scalped look).

The thing that put me off was after my catastrophic loss of my entire blog last year and the time it took to get things as near back to normal (odd choice of word) as I could, I was very reluctant to change things again. Plus I was quite fond of the old skin - it felt like a well worn pair of jeans. This one feels a little too dark blue and rather stiff at the moment and I've got to sort out all the things for the side.

It should keep me out of harms way for an afternoon, anyway. Which, given the way my day is going, is a good thing.

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